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  • Centro Studi Sereno Regis


The idea behind the award is to promote filmmaking that deals with issues related to peace: the denunciation of injustice, dialogue between parties, mediation processes, creative and nonviolent conflict resolution.

Our societies are becoming more and more aware that there is no future in conflicts that use violence as a solution; there is no future in the persistence of policies of exploitation and oppression; there is no future in cultural, religious, racial discrimination; there is no future in viewing this planet and its inhabitants as totally enslaved to the anthropocentric desire for domination. Humanity's destiny is to learn to coexist by harmonizing the many differences that Earth's existence has created: any attempt at domination is doomed to failure.

The award was the brainchild of Nanni Salio, historic president of the Centro Studi Sereno Regis, which was immediately adopted by the then director of the Torino Film Festival, Gianni Amelio. It was 2011. Since then, for 13 years, the Gandhi's Glasses Award has been awarded within the annual editions of TFF.

The jury of the 2023 Gandhi' s Glasses Award consists of.

Sandro Bozzolo


Eliana Cantone

playwright and actress

Lia Furxhi

president of AIACE and Centrodelcorto

Daniele Gaglianone


Luca Giunti

naturalist and writer

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